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    Please Read! Formatting Your TItle! Help Keep Us Organized!

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    Please Read! Formatting Your TItle! Help Keep Us Organized!

    Post  Or1g1n_Of_Death on Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:06 pm

    Organization of topics in Subforums helps alot, so please follow this code. Failure to follow these rules will result in a locked/deleted thread!

    Here is how you should name your Tutorial threads.

    [Subject] Tutorial Name *OperatingSystem*[Date of Publication]

    The Date of Publication is required so people can see if the Tutorial is outdated or not. If you update your tutorial, please update the "Date of Publication" as well. If your going to write a simple tutorial, don't include [Tutorial] in the beginning, it's quite obvious it's a tutorial if you actually followed the rules and posted in the correct SubForum.


    [Creating Mods] How to code a Simple Mob! *MAC* [20/3/11]

    [Mods] How to install Mods!*WINDOWS* [20/3/11]

    [Maps] How to use Maps!*LINUX* [20/3/11]

    [Map Creation] How to create Maps!*WINDOWS* [20/3/11]

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