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    ValkyrieCorps Server *Pictures Will Be Added Later!*

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    ValkyrieCorps Server *Pictures Will Be Added Later!* Empty ValkyrieCorps Server *Pictures Will Be Added Later!*

    Post  Viscoden on Sat Nov 19, 2011 6:58 pm

    This is a server that I made, it is up and running with 20 (sad) slots atm, all I need to do is portforward and add Bukkit, whenever the new build comes out. Then I will be adding some plugins to it....
    Shotgun (HELLS YES Very Happy)
    *Plugin we are making on here (SPOILER Very Happy)* Might add details later.
    Possibly Mo'Creatures (Getting YogBox automatically installs it Very Happy)
    Possibly Humans+?

    Reply and tell me what you think, and tell me some good plugins to add! Very Happy

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